Train xdating

the train history

It was a long trip in the train, but I got 3G connection, so it was a good time to try, and start searching a sex partner. I took my time to update my profile and make a good one. I wrote a good description of myself, my hobbies. Uploaded some recent pics. And the matches started to come. A mature woman divorced wanting some action, a young professional wanting some adventure, some “prepaid” girls wanting to sell services. Some interesting profiles like the girl who lost her boyfriend in a car accident and now is living in his parents house. But the most interesting profile was this old lady traveling on a train! Yeah, the same train as me, so I moved to her wagon and there she was. She was maybe in her seventies, a very nice granny. When she saw me, called me using a finger and smiling. Of course we did not had sex, but she was the most amazing lady I ever met. She told me about the times when she was a hippie, and traveled the world, her boyfriends, her husbands, her daughter, who have a very weird stranger name. We still chat online from time to time. She is one of my favourite friends, in fact it was a cute xdating as well.
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